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Giving motorhomers an authentic taste of Britain

Here i’ll be discussing various topics on motorhoming in Britain, giving some perspective from behind the scenes of Brit Stops and sharing some useful tips for making the most of your Brit Stops travels!

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  1. Having receive the latest email showing sites that had closed, I got my 2018 handbook out to up date it.
    C2 was the first on the list so I put a line through it, I was then thumbing through the book and discovered that there another C2, so one on page 38 and the other on page 524 which one is no longer?

    1. Hi Edward,

      Thanks for getting in touch, in answer to your question we list all closures on the newsletter in the order they appear in the book. So the C2 listed as closed is in Cornwall, and if it had been in Connacht it would have been listed towards the end of the list.

      I hope that all makes sense, sorry for the confusion! We’re making a new numbering system for next year which will be a bit more intuitive.



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