7 Unusual Motorhomes You Won’t Find at a Brit Stop.

Hi Britstoppers!

Today we’re going to look at something a bit less Brit Stops focused and a bit wackier, we’ve searched for the most unusual (and generally speaking most inconvenient) motorhomes we could find and put them in one place just for you. Enjoy!

The VW Monster Camper

Not enough room in the old veedub camper?

Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution; just attach a monster truck with slide out to the chassis…

I’m assuming the pop-top is needed as the camper section is actually the top floor, or maybe the whole van comes off like a Thunderbirds craft?



The epitome of class – The Beetlevan

Here we have another variation on the classic VW campervan, though this one’s a little less OTT and a tad more British.

However if the engine is in the back is like normal it’s going to be a pretty cramped living space! It’s also not the best looking of vehicles, would a number 53 on the side help?





I’m not sure Airstream actually made this

In case it isn’t clear, this is another classic, the American Airstream caravan, cobbled onto the back of a saloon car.

They’ve certainly tried to keep things authentic by spraying the car the same colour as the Airstream, but it looks like a real pain to drive – especially on some of the smaller rural roads!


What the future looked like in the past

This looks like something straight out of the 60s TV show “The Prisoner”, or maybe the kind of motorhome a Dalek would buy? Either way, it actually looks more like an Airstream than the one above!

In fact it was built by cinematographer Roy Hunt in 1937. This is the Star, and there was another called the Turtle.



Now that’s what I call a roofbox!

Why put everything you need for a holiday in the boot and the roof box when you can use that space for a motorhome and even take your bed with you!

These additions are made by Toppola specifically for Saabs. You remove the rear hatch door and slot in the motorhome conversion unit. Simply replace the hatch and pop the motorhome unit away till next time.



And the award for the most fuel-efficient motorhome goes to…

Who needs turbo-diesel? This is cheaper, and it keeps you fit! Notice the chap in the background with a flatbed version, looking on enviously.




Hell’s Motorhomers

Even biker gangs need their home comforts, though this is probably on the louder side when it comes to motorhomes.

We’ve got more of these in store, but that’s for another day. If anyone has any wacky motorhome conversions feel free to send them our way and we can put them on the next post!


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