Brit Stops: Before You Buy

In this post I wanted to cover some points that often come up when talking to potential Britstoppers at shows, and hopefully help any newbies decide on whether or not Brit Stops is for them!

No one will pressure you to buy anything

We get this question a lot from new motorhomers at the shows (usually nervous about being pestered by people to come and have a meal if it’s too dear or they don’t like the menu). This is actually one of the conditions for being a host, the stopover must be obligation-free, or they can’t join Brit Stops. The thing is, most people do actually end up having a meal or a drink since you’ve saved money on your campsite fees anyway!

It’s not just a book of freebies

Not only does Brit Stops give you a huge list of great places to visit and stay at, we also regularly check up on each host to ensure that they’re following the code of conduct and giving our members the best experience possible, as well as making sure they’re still open throughout the year. There’s also an independently run community group (search for Brit Stops Review Group on Facebook) where members discuss the stops and share their experiences at them. We’re really pleased to see our members band together like this, and every now and then Steve is even seen on there chatting with people.

We love dogs!

And so do our hosts, as 90% of them are happy for members to bring their dogs with them when they stay. The only caveat, is that they must always be on a lead, and some hosts won’t allow dogs in the bar. If it’s important that your dog does go in with you, it’s probably worth phoning ahead to double check.

We have a handful of Aires with small fees

All of our Brit Stops hosts are completely free to stay at, however there are a small amount of “Aires” (officially sanctioned locations where you can park overnight in your motorhome) which we decided to list in the book even though they charge a small fee. We deliberated on leaving these out, but they can be a really handy place to stopover at a reasonable cost, and are often close to local amenities. Some places will also charge for hook up, so it’s always best to ask how much first.

No booking needed (we keep it simple)

Although some hosts might want you to phone ahead just to make sure there’s space for you or they don’t have an event on, most are happy for you to simply turn up and introduce yourself. We also don’t have a members’ card or a complicated signing up procedure, simply buy your book, put your windscreen sticker on, and away you go! The windscreen sticker really comes into its own if you’re pulling up outside of opening hours and plan on leaving your van there while you go for a walk – it lets them know that you’re with Brit Stops and aren’t about to hang your washing out or park up for a week! All we ask is that you drop in at some point to introduce yourselves and let them know you’re with Brit Stops.

Hopefully that’s answered some questions and shown potential Britstoppers what you can expect when travelling with Brit Stops. If you have any questions about how it all works or are unsure if it’s for you feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I’ll be looking forward to it!



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