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Posted 13/03/23By Tom Clark

Full Time Motorhoming

Van Life has been a growing trend in the UK for a long time, and Brit Stops is another excellent resource for anyone living full time in their motorhome. Those who do this tend to use Brit Stops while on the way to their main destination, or as a part of their general rotation. Often they will stay at a few Brit Stops and eventually find a campsite to park up in, there they can use the extended facilities which not all Brit Stops have (such as emptying black water waste).

Brit Stops has really bought another level of ease and accessibility to van life, so I thought it was a good time to discuss the pros and cons for anyone considering it:

The Good.

It’s Cheaper: Living in the van is a sure fire way to save money, not only on council tax, energy bills and rent or mortgage payments, but also on stuff! You can’t fit as much in the van, so you really can’t buy as much either. Minimalism lends itself to van life.

Less Cleaning: Another great thing about living in a van, is that less space means less cleaning! And less time spent cleaning means more time spent doing the things you love.

Live Anywhere: This is one of the main attractions to van life for most people, the ability to pick up sticks and move to another part of the country with minimal forward planning. You’ll never get bored either, since you can always move onto the next place if you’re feeling a bit fed up!

Meeting New People: Most Britstoppers have already experienced this, pulling up to a lovely country pub and bumping into fellow motorhomers, or getting to know the locals. It’s great being able to meet such a variety of people and meet like-minded folk along the way too.

Exploring the UK: It’s easy to want to fly around to other countries and see the world, but sometimes we forget how diverse and colourful our own country and culture is. Roaming around in a van is the perfect way to experience the UK, and with Brit Stops it’s become easier than ever to find places to stay.

The Not So Good.

Budgeting: Although it’s definitely cheaper than living in a house, finances have their own challenges with van life. Travelling around, eating great food, going out for drinks; these things add up and it’s easy to get carried away when you’re having so much fun.

Laundry: This is where the facilities in a campsite can really come in handy, however keep in mind that they can be pretty expensive in some places. An alternative option is to use a large bucket in the shower cubicle and hand wash clothes, but it can still be a bit of a pain to find places to dry them.

Less Space: A blessing and a curse, less space does mean less cleaning, but it also means that a little bit of mess looks like a lot! It can get cramped pretty quickly if you’re not on top of things, especially if there are pets too.

The Cold and Rain: The winter is a tough time to be living in a van if you’re not prepared, it takes planning, but it can be perfectly comfortable if you’re set up for it. Blankets, hot water bottles, thermal wear etc. all these things are a must-have if you’re not one to handle the cold. It’s also worth thinking about where you’re going to hang your wet coats and brollies if you’re out in the rain – usually the shower is a good option.

Overall I’d say if you’re thinking about going full time in the motorhome, you should give it a go. The other Brit Stops son is actually living in his van in Italy right now and is loving it! It’s a great adventure, and if you’re the type who likes roaming around and exploring, it’s perfect for you.

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