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Posted 13/03/23By Tom Clark

How to Get The Most Out of Brit Stops

Brit Stops isn’t just about saving money; it’s about exploring new places, meeting the locals, finding excellent food and getting out into the countryside. I’ve actually seen people use Brit Stops just as a “great places to visit” book – they didn’t even own a motorhome! So here’s my 5 tips on getting the most bang for your buck:

1. Say hello!

One thing that’s always fed back to us is just how much the hosts love meeting Brit Stoppers and hearing about their travels. Going in and having a chat is a great way to meet new people and get an idea of what’s going on in the local area – You never know what events you might catch! Saying hi before you settle down for the night can also prevent late night annoyances such as having to move your van because you parked in the wrong place.

2. Explore the local area

It’s not just chatting with hosts that can give you ideas for what to do nearby, the locals themselves will know a fair bit about what’s going on and are usually keen to give you the low-down on any points of interest in the surrounding area. Sometimes googling only gets you so far.

3. Take mini-holidays

Sometimes we only have the weekend to get away, thankfully Brit Stops is perfect for a short adventure nearby. Heading to a pub a few hours away is the perfect start to the weekend, plus you can have a drink and not worry about driving home! Or if you’re more of a sea lover, weekend beach getaways are fairly cheap when you don’t have to pay for somewhere to stay overnight.

4. Don’t avoid campsites

I know it’s seems odd for me to be recommending a campsite, but if you’re travelling for more than a few days it can be worth it. We often stay at two or three Brit Stops in a row, then do one night at a site just to get our waste emptied and top up on water.

5. Send us your photos

For those of you that don’t know, we run a photo competition where winners are awarded a free Brit Stops membership for next year – however you do have to be a current member to enter it. Send us a photo of you and your van in whichever Brit Stops you’re staying in and you could be a winner!

6. Don’t get bogged down in reviews

It’s tempting to spend ages researching places before you go anywhere, but for me that just takes some of the fun out of motorhoming. I love being able to pick up sticks whenever I want and head off to somewhere new! Spontaneity and adventure are at the core of Brit Stops, so take a chance every now and then, you never know what might come of it.

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