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[October Newsletter] Unlock UK Hospitality featured image
Posted 18/10/23By Carrie Price

[October Newsletter] Unlock UK Hospitality

Brace yourselves, Britstoppers! πŸ‚ This October, rev up the excitement and set off on your motorhome journey through the enchanting landscapes. Picture the vibrant hues of autumn, the warmth of campfires, and the sheer joy of spontaneous moments. Embrace the thrill of the open road, as October becomes your canvas for adventure – each twist and turn revealing a new discovery waiting to be made!

Send us your favourite picture of your motorhome at a Brit Stops location and you could win a Β£50 gift card!


Note From Tom

Come say hi at the NEC!

Hi everyone, our weeks have been busy preparing for the NEC Motorhome Show! We will be demo-ing our new app for the first time ever, so if you’re attending the show make sure to pop by and check it out, I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback. The show is taking place at the Birmingham NEC between this Tuesday until Sunday (17th - 22nd of October), and it’s a great opportunity for us to chat with everyone and get your perspective on Britstopping.


Removed from Brit Stops:








Other changes:

SW100 - Phone number should be 01823 480 480

SE43 - Not accepting motorhomers Sunday night

SE69 - No longer offering black waste disposal

SE111 - No facilities offered

EA33 - New owners, not sure what's happening with it currently, but keeping an eye on it!

W6 - Phone number should be 07581 239915 (got muddled up with host numbers, sorry!)

W66 - New contact Mikey Rowlands (landlord), phone number is 01492 200108

EM98 - No grey or black waste disposal available

EM110 - Can't take large vans

NW57 - Closed on Wednesdays

S67 - Do not allow dogs, please phone ahead. Now offering washing machine, dryer, shower, toilet block, water and waste disposal.

S73 - Open all year, toilets available over night

S77 - Open every day, no longer closed Mondays

S83 - New Aire being built on grounds, temporarily need to park in the Ice House car park (Β£10 donation to Aire).

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