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Posted 13/03/23By Tom Clark

Three Unusual Brit Stops

There are some odd places here in the UK, and Brit Stops is a great way to discover them. In this series I’ll be highlighting some of the more out there Brit Stops and hopefully motivating you to get out there and see them for yourself.

The Parachute School – 532

For the more thrill seeking Brit Stoppers, the parachute school is an excellent way to get your blood pumping. It’s open to every level of sky diver from beginner to veteran, and you can even do a tandem skydive if you’re a bit nervous. They also have a small cafe & restaurant if you just fancy watching people plummet towards your motorhome!

The Visitor Centre & Wax Museum – 809

A very unique stop with wax models of famous local people throughout history, this is the only wax museum of it’s kind! Surrounded by lovely rural countryside, and close to a World Heritage sight, this has something for everyone. There is also a wonderful farm shop selling their own produce and other local goods.

The Tree Top Activity Centre – 368

Adventure into the forest without having to think about getting home afterwards. The centre offers zip wires, free falls and even giant swings that fly over the tree tops. This is a perfect get away for families as they also have a junior tree trail for kids to play on. There’s a lovely cafe where you can watch the adventurers from too.

I’ll be back with more unusual places to check out soon, now it’s just time to get out there and explore!

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