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Code of Conduct

  • Always display a valid Brit Stops windscreen sticker. This shows you are members of the scheme and reassures hosts that you have read and accepted the Code of Conduct.
  • Arrive during working hours. You won’t be welcome late in the night and gates may be locked. If after phoning you find you won't be able to make it, please do let the host know.
  • Remember you are not camping, so no awnings, picnic tables, small tents, etc.
  • Only park in the areas indicated by your host.
  • Do not turn up with empty water tanks and full waste tanks. Many hosts do not provide facilities for filling up or emptying.
  • Never light fires or barbecues, or use generators, and avoid making too much noise – remember you are the guests of the family who live and work on the site.
  • Your overnight stay is free, but do not expect to use any extra facilities (e.g. toilets, etc.) if you are not spending money at the venue. Do not use water taps, drains or electricity without the host’s permission.
  • Keep children with you at all times. Remember that many of the sites are work premises, not camp sites.
  • Note that dogs may not be allowed inside the buildings. If this is important for you, please phone first to check. Dogs must always be kept on the lead.
  • Sometimes for personal or work-related reasons, a host will be unable to welcome visitors. Please respect this.
  • Please accept any restrictions imposed by the host.
  • Do not overstay your welcome. The Brit Stops scheme allows for a stay of 24 hours.

Important! Always go in on arrival and show your 2023 book to your hosts.