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Discover FEFI: Uniting Brit Stops Partners Across Europe

Discover FEFI: Uniting Brit Stops Partners Across Europe image

The European Federation for Formal Invitation, or as our friends across the Channel would say with a touch more panache: Fédération Européenne de la Formule Invitations. Around the bustling Brit Stops offices, we simply call it "FEFI" - far easier on the tongue when one is in a hurry! As proud and dedicated members of this rather splendid network, we work together to help you embark on a grand motorhome adventures across Europe!

A Splendid Idea Born in France

FEFI was established back in 2015 with the noble intent of uniting various motorhome stopover schemes under one umbrella. This cooperation amongst schemes allows them to share valuable information and good practices while promoting each other's services. The original inspiration for this marvellous idea came from France Passion, which catered to the country's abundant vineyards providing safe overnight stays for motorhomers visiting rural areas. Thanks to their vision and dedication, numerous countries have now adopted similar systems:

  • France Passion (the fabulous originators)
  • Brit Stops (yours truly – 👋)
  • Landvergnügen (Germany)
  • España Discovery (Spain)
  • Swiss Terroir (Switzerland)
  • There are other parnter-nations across Europe as well, visit their site to find the complete list

A Jolly Good Time Across Borders

FEFI aims not only at sharing information but also encouraging you lovely motorhomers to travel between neighbouring countries whilst experiencing different cultures—all from the comfort of your trusty home-on-wheels! By partnering with charming local establishments such as vineyards or farm shops tucked away in picturesque locations, FEFI supports local economies while offering unique experiences that might otherwise remain undiscovered. Moreover, a grand tradition has emerged among founding members—once a year they gather together in one of their home countries, sampling produce from their hosts whilst admiring each other’s magnificent landscapes. Join Us in Celebrating FEFI and Brit Stops

So, dear motorhome enthusiasts, do pay a visit to our esteemed FEFI partners as you gallivant across Europe. For more information on FEFI and its contributing schemes, peruse their official website here.

As always, we're more than happy to answer any inquiries about FEFI or Brit Stops—simply reach out to us in the chat bubble on the site.

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Cheerio and happy travels!