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Introducing the Pint Chasers!

Lois & Asa | The Pint Chasers-profile-image
Lois & Asa | The Pint Chasers
June 26, 2024

TL;DR: Asa and Lois, aka the Pint Chasers, join Brit Stops to explore the UK in a motorhome, highlighting unique stopovers and small businesses. Follow their adventures and discoveries on the Brit Stops blog, Facebook and Instagram!

Introducing the Pint Chasers!


We’re Asa and Lois, aka the Pint Chasers, and we’re thrilled to introduce ourselves as the newest members of the Brit Stops team. As avid explorers with a passion for the great outdoors and a love of a well-placed pint, we couldn't be happier to begin this journey.

Who Are the Pint Chasers?

When we heard Brit Stops was willing to pay cold hard cash for someone to travel the UK drinking beer and taking pictures, we knew our time had come. We had a small campervan already and were keen on short and sweet road-based adventures. Over the years we’d been known to shoot off to Cornwall or Cumbria to squeeze in a quick weekend jaunt in our micro-camper, so we felt up to the task.

More recently we had been spending a lot of time in the Norwegian mountains, and when we heard about the Pint Chaser job we were intrigued at the prospect of doing something a little, well, warmer. We ditched our cross-country skis and high-tailed it back to the UK for a taste of the motorhome lifestyle and rocked up for our first day chasing pints.

We swapped our teeny-tiny Fiat Doblo, equipped with the bare necessities and only suitable for brief and spontaneous trips - for a top spec Autotrail F-Line F60 (thanks to Capricorn Campers!), ours for the duration of our road trip. We fiddled with the control panel and as we watched the double bed descend electronically from the ceiling it finally sunk in. We were, as far as we knew, the world’s first official Pint Chasers.

Our Mission with Brit Stops

Brit Stops is all about helping motorhome travellers experience the huge variety of the UK while supporting amazing small businesses along the way. With stopovers at pubs, farms, vineyards and more, Brit Stops gives its members a unique way to explore the country. As the Pint Chasers, our mission is to seek out the best of Brit Stops, draw attention to the unique character of each place we stay, inspire your future road trips, and to bring you closer to the amazing hosts who are at the heart of Brit Stops. IMG_1699.jpeg - Medium.jpg

There is nothing like waking up in a new slice of serene countryside or small tucked-away village each day; this is part of the joy of motorhome travel. We’re going to share our favourite stopovers with you over the coming weeks and months, highlighting those places that offer the best combination of practicality, scenery and, of course, some of the best pints Britain has to offer.

Our First Adventure: A Peak District Picnic

We can’t simply go gallivanting around the UK with no purpose, so, we’re kicking off our first Brit Stops adventure with a road trip to the Peak District, and we’ve set ourselves a delicious goal: to have a picnic with ingredients sourced entirely from Brit Stops locations. We’ve packed Lois’ great Auntie Beryl’s picnic hamper into the back of the motorhome and will be filling it up with scotch eggs, chutneys, cheeses and more along the way.

From the vast skies of Norfolk, to the picturesque and seemingly endless Fens, to the dramatic limestone valleys of the Peak District, we’ll be stopping at lots of Brit Stops locations, gathering delicious goodies and sharing our experiences with you.

Our adventure will begin in the charming countryside of South Norfolk, where we'll visit local farm shops. After a brief foray into Suffolk we’ll journey northwest through the picturesque, seemingly endless Fens, stopping at unique Brit Stops locations and gathering delicious goodies. We’ll drive onwards and upwards between Nottingham and Derby, delving into the heart of England and finally arrive at the breathtaking Peak District, ready to enjoy our locally-sourced picnic amidst some of Britain’s most scenic vistas.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite you to follow along with us on our adventure here on the Brit Stops blog, and to follow us on social media for snapshots of our travels and updates and insights from our trip. You can find us on the Brit Stops Facebook and Instagram.

We’re excited to meet other members of the Brit Stops community on the road and maybe we’ll even chase a few pints together. In any case, it’s our privilege to see and showcase the incredible places and people that make Brit Stops so special. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.


Asa and Lois

About Brit Stops
Brit Stops is the ultimate network for motorhome enthusiasts. Featuring charming stopover locations like farm shops, pubs, aires, and other fantastic spots, it provides a unique and authentic way to explore the UK and Ireland through one-night stays. Join a community of dedicated explorers and immerse yourself in the true essence of these beautiful landscapes. Discover the heart of Britain and Ireland with Brit Stops.
Lois & Asa | The Pint Chasers-profile-image
Lois & Asa | The Pint Chasers
Lois and Asa are on a journey to find good food, good overnight stops, and good pints! Follow their journey on the Brit Stops social media accounts to get the inside scoop on motorhome travel!