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Welcome Motorhomers to Your Business

Brit Stops is a membership for motorhomers to explore the UK. Becoming a Brit Stops host is a simple way to earn more revenue by getting more visitors to your shop, pub, vineyard, restaurant, cafe, or other business. All you have to do is offer Brit Stops members a one-night free stopover in your car park.

Start Earning Extra Revenue: Become a Brit Stops Host

No fees
No contracts
Simple sign-up
All you need is a parking space!

How it Works

Fill out this form to become a Brit Stops host.
Our team will work with you to create your host profile.
Start welcoming Brit Stops visitors.

Be a Part of The Brit Stops Community

Thousands of motorhome owners from all over Europe enjoy using Brit Stops. Join 1,100 other UK businesses in creating adventures for motorhome tourists.


Why You Should Welcome Motorhomers to Your Business

A detailed entry on the Brit Stops website/app is FREE to host venues. No facilities are needed and it costs you nothing. Visitors should not be under any obligation to buy, but a majority of them will! They’ve saved their campsite fees and usually need to top up the fridge or have dinner anyway!

Words From Happy Brit Stops Hosts
We have had a nice summer with your Britstoppers and met some lovely people. On average I would say we had one motor homer per week - some weeks nothing and three or four at on others. It's a win win for everyone though.
Having been a Brit Stop host for many years. I wanted to thank you for giving my wife and I so much pleasure by hosting so many motorhomers in our pub. We have met so many great people and spent many happy evenings in their company in the pub.
Have met some lovely people from the Britstop, everyone's so polite and friendly. Wish I had about ten a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to host?
Do I need any special permits or licenses to host?
How often does Brit Stops contact hosts?
What is the best part about being a Brit Stops Host?