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Why Become a Host?

Why Become a Host? image

A detailed entry in the Brit Stops guide is FREE to host venues. No facilities are needed and your entry in the guide costs you nothing. The ground should be flat(ish), level(ish) and firm, but that's it! 

Just offer an overnight parking place at no charge to a motorhome tourist, and join over 1100 UK businesses who are enjoying increased footfall from Britstoppers.  Feel free to show visitors your goods or produce, but they should not be under any obligation to buy. Now in our 12th year though, we know that the great majority do – after all, they save camp site fees of £30 or more per night!

Why Motorhomes?

There are over 380,000 motorhomes registered in the UK, and over 1.7 million across Europe, and their ownwer are in the main retired or semi-retired folk, who enjoy touring throughout the year, exploring off the beaten track and trying local produce.  In Europe there are specific overnight motorhome parking areas (“aires” and “stellplätze” etc.), but these do not exist in the UK. Camp sites often get fully booked, and ”wild camping” is potentially unsafe. 

Since 2011, thousands of motorhome owners from all over Europe have enjoyed using Brit Stops, introducing adventurous and curious tourists to country pubs, farm shops, vineyards, breweries, cafes/restaurants, museums and the like.  We would love to add you to our next book - why not register online now. 

Becoming a Host

The process is easy, just fill out the below form and a member from our Account Executive team will reach out to you to begin the application process: