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Sandy Bayside Retreat with Pub Proximity
Breadnell, ENG
Parking Spaces
Advance Notice
Not Required
We began our trial period in the summer of 2022, offering an overnight stay from 6 pm to 8 am for £12, with a maximum stay of one night. Daytime parking is available for an additional fee. Guests are required to park in one of the eight designated, numbered bays. An overnight permit must be secured through an online booking. On-site toilets are provided for your convenience. Our location is conveniently situated near a beautiful beach and a welcoming village pub. Please note that, as this is a trial period, the arrangement may conclude at some point during 2023.
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Opening hours
Monday - Sunday
Open 24 Hours
Pets Welcome
Location & Directions
Check in with Host for parking information
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Parking Surface
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