Mammoth Views & Meadow Strolls in Shropshire
Shropshire, ENG
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Roll up, motorhome campers, and prepare for a journey through the annals of prehistoric past and the charm of idyllic country life as you set your wheels towards the enchanting Shropshire Hills. The stage is set for a remarkable motorhome camping experience, where the Shropshire Mammoth stands as a timeless sentinel and the tale of the Shropshire Hills Through Time exhibition awaits your curious minds. Within this captivating center, not only does history beckon, but a quaint caf offers the promise of delightful breakfasts, hearty lunches, and a plethora of refreshments to please any palate. Tempt your taste buds with a variety of drinks, snacks, and ice creams, or peruse the selection of lovely gifts that might serve as mementos of your motorhome adventures. Step outside and embrace the liberation of motorhome camping in the expansive embrace of 30 acres of picturesque meadows. Here, riverside walks beckon, laden with the tranquil sounds of nature, while picnic and play areas offer an idyllic setting for family excitement or serene solitude. Should you wish to seek out local treasures, comprehensive free information about attractions nearby is available, leading you to Ludlow, just 7 miles away, a gastronomic sanctuary celebrated for its culinary delights. The center, your gateway to knowledge and nourishment, welcomes visitors from 10:00 to 17:00 daily. Yet, the meadows, true to the spirit of freedom that motorhome camping embodies, remain open around the clocknight or day, under the sun's golden rays or the moon's silver glow. For enthusiasts eager to enhance their stay, keep an eye on the center's website for announcements on special events that could add an extra dash of magic to your motorhome camping experience. Be sure to bookmark it for easy access: Embrace the wonders of the Shropshire Hillsyour motorhome camping expedition here promises a blend of education, reconnection with nature, and a taste of local hospitality that's just as rich as the history it celebrates.
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