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Cotswold Charm
Stanton St. John, ENG
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As you chart a course through the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, imagine a stopover at a quintessential Cotswold stone inn, where motorhome camping meets traditional British charm. This location boasts an allure that transcends time, serving as a splendid haven for seasoned travellers seeking a blend of comfort and culinary delight. This idyllic retreat is not only famous for its aesthetically pleasing facade but also for delivering an exceptional dining experience. Indulge in the locally acclaimed fare, ranging from heartwarming breakfasts to sumptuous dinners, all complemented by a fine selection of cask ales to satiate the palate of ale aficionados. The relaxed atmosphere envelops guests, making it a perfect backdrop to unwind after a day's exploration. A tranquil oasis, it offers motorhome enthusiasts four beautifully decorated en-suite rooms, should one choose to indulge in more than just a meal. However, for those touring in the comfort of their motorhomes, the inn provides a memorable stay, coupling the freedom of the open road with the quaint allure of Cotswold hospitality. Reservations are a thoughtful touch to the personalised service provided and are essential to secure not only your motorhome's resting spot but also your place at the table in their esteemed restaurant. Embark upon a journey of both exploration and taste, where your dining experience is guaranteed as part of your motorhome adventure. Whether you're craving an early morning breakfast to kick-start your day, a leisurely lunch, or a delectable dinner to cap your evening, each meal is a gastronomic event not to be missed. As you plan your journey, include this delightful stop where motorhome camping, exceptional food, and the beauty of Oxford comingle to create unforgettable memories.
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