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1100+ Unique Locations Giving Motorhome Tourists an Authentic Taste of the UK and Ireland

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Brit Stops is a network of farms shops, pubs & vineyards, and other fantastic locations that invite motorhomers to stay for one night — free of charge!

Elevate Your Holidays

Join Brit Stops for the cost of one night at a campsite and experience unique stopovers at farm shops, pubs, vineyards and more. Use Brit Stops for as many one-night stopovers as you would like.

A Glimpse of Other Worlds

Brit Stops hosts have a passion for what they do, and they want to share it with you. You just might discover your favourite ale, learn the hidden benefits of eating fresh sustainable produce, or uncover the tale behind a curious antique. No matter what, you're bound to make new mates along the way.

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Discover New Favourites

There is always something new to see. Bring your Brit Stops book along for the journey and discover under appreciated spots whilst on road.

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Say Hello to Our Hosts

Free overnight stops at 1,100+ locations in the UK and Ireland.

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Meet our Happy Campers

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It proved to be invaluable for our trip. we won't leave on another trip without it, that's for sure.


Judy and Steve

It's been good to know how well motorhomers are received at Britstops. Without fail, every one was genuinely happy to see us. It's a no brainer really.


Martin Dorey

I would recommend all who haven't tried it to give it a go for a year. I would be surprised if you were disappointed.


Clive Richard Cumbers

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Purchase the Brit Stops book

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Use the map to find a lovely place to stay

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All the hosts information is clearly laid out

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Use the app to find stops on the road

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Frequently Asked Questions

One reason is that they do not have to provide any facilities over and above a parking space However Brit Stops hosts are also passionate about the local produce they offer to the public, and the more visitors they have the better the chance they have of spreading the word about fresh, sustainable produce.
Although they will not oblige you to buy from their shops, they are confident that when you see the quality of their wares and experience the personal service offered by the producer/retailer, you will find it difficult not to purchase! Even if you do not buy anything your positive experience will be spread, and this will bring more customers. The only thing you may be charged for (and you may not, but don't forget to ask) is electricity if it is provided.
Many sites will have no facilities. Currently around half of our hosts have an outside tap and/or somewhere to drain grey waste water, and this is noted in the Brit Stops guide. Very few have facilities for toilet waste disposal, or offer electricity (it's also likely that you'll need a standard UK 3-pin plug adaptor). Remember, your hosts are not camp sites but in many cases are working farms, pubs or vineyards, and although they are keen to encourage tourists to visit their local area, they do need to continue working as normal.
The fact that motorhomes can fill up or empty waste at camp sites, and charge batteries while on the move or by solar panels, means they can be invited on site by hosts without disturbing their daily work routine.
Remember, Brit Stops hosts are not camp sites, so do not have a reservations desk or book, and you can't book a pitch like at a camp site. Those hosts who do require a phone call in advance are clearly marked in the guide, and phoning ahead is just to check a stopover is ok; this can be done on the same day or the day before.

Brit Stops is a stopover scheme, so a one-night stay is the standard stopover duration. Unlike camp sites though, there is very rarely a departure time, so in most cases you can stay during the day.

Some hosts do like you to phone in advance, and this is noted in their entry in the guide. In most cases you will not know if there is a space until you turn up, but it is unlikely that a host will not have a space. In theory this could happen though, and on the odd occasion, a host may not be able to welcome motorhomes at short notice due to personal or work reasons, and we ask our members to respect this.
Fortunately there is usually another host not too far away, and it's always best to have a "plan B". Sometimes you might be able to park outside until the car park empties out at closing time, then move in for the night.
Yes, although it's true that some sites will not be able to welcome large motorhomes. This will normally be due to problems with manoeuvring large vehicles on site. If motorhomes over 30ft long (9m) are welcome, you will see a clear symbol in the guide. Currently around half of our sites will accept motorhomes over 30ft long.
If you are under 30ft long you will be able to access most of our host sites. Any that can only accommodate small vans such as VW campervans, have this noted on their entry.

Unfortunately Brit Stops is just for self-contained motorhomes, panel van conversions or campervans. Parking is in customer car parks, not on pitches, so manoeuvring can be an issue with other customers coming and going. Also, most hosts will not have fresh water available to fill an Aquaroll, or anywhere to dispose of waste water from the waste caddy.

Our app is free to all Britstoppers, and you can download it from either the App Store or Google Play. In order to unlock the app you will need to type in the code found on the inside front cover of your Brit Stops book. Unfortunately we cannot send out the unlock code separately from the book. The app can only be used on one device at a time.

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Want more Brit Stops information?

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Keep the Following in Mind

  • Keep the Following in Mind icon 1There are no limits to how many Brit Stops you can stay at.
  • Keep the Following in Mind icon 2The Brit Stops Guide book is active for 365 days after you purchase. Use the app to supplement the Guide Book and track newly added locations!
  • Keep the Following in Mind icon 3Search each Brit Stop listing in your guide for rules, requirements, and other relevant information you need to know.
  • Keep the Following in Mind icon 4We recommend you purchase something at each Brit Stop to say thanks to your host, though you are not required to do so.
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