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Brit Stops is Joining the Harvest Hosts Family! featured image
Posted 14/03/23By Tom Clark

Brit Stops is Joining the Harvest Hosts Family!

In 2010, inspired by our adventures using France Passion, we began Brit Stops with the aim of providing motorhomers with unique stopover experiences while on the road, while at the same time supporting small, independent businesses. But when we began to consider retiring, we knew we wanted to do what was best for the future of Brit Stops. We decided to join forces with a company that can help Brit Stops grow beyond what we could have expected. As of the 8th of March, Brit Stops will now be a part of Harvest Hosts.

Harvest Hosts is a United States-based company that has been very successful in growing the same type of programme as Brit Stops, but in North America. In just 5 years, Harvest Hosts has grown from 600 host locations to over 8000. Their staff is full of avid RV-ers and campervanners who are passionate about the lifestyle.

We will be staying on during the first few months of the transition, and our son Tom is staying on full-time as the General Manager of Brit Stops. Harvest Hosts has committed to growing the number of Brit Stops hosts, continuing to improve our app, and maintaining our membership with FEFI, to ensure that Brit Stops reflects the interests of motorhomers in the UK and Europe.

How Will This Change Impact Brit Stops?

With additional resources, there will be improvements in the underlying technology that will improve the app and website experience. However, you can expect the “on the road” Brit Stops experience to stay the same. The 2023 Guide will continue to work as usual, and the lively Brit Stops Facebook group will remain active for Britstoppers to discuss and review their experiences.

The Host experience will also remain very similar too. Being a Brit Stops Host will continue to be free. There is a dedicated Host Success team at Harvest Hosts that will be in touch with Brit Stops Hosts to hear about their experiences hosting.

We had 12 incredible years making our dreams a reality with Brit Stops. We’re thankful for each and every person and business who participated in our programme! We’re incredibly honoured to have made a difference in the motorhoming community in the UK and we can’t wait to see what Brit Stops does next.

Best Wishes,

Steve, Mandy, and Tom

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