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Introducing Harvest Hosts

Charles Wembley-profile-image
Charles Wembley
March 13, 2023
Introducing Harvest Hosts

Who is Harvest Hosts?

Have you heard the news that Brit Stops has been acquired by Harvest Hosts? To help you understand what this means, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you more about Harvest Hosts and share some updates.

First things first, let's talk about the Brit Stops crew. Steve, Mandy, and Tom aren't going anywhere just yet. They'll be sticking around in some capacity during the transition period, with Steve and Mandy consulting the Harvest Hosts team for the next six months and Tom taking on the role of General Manager of Brit Stops full-time. If you're keen to get a closer look at this dynamic trio, and chat about what the future holds for Brit Stops, you can catch them at the motorhome show in Peterborough from 21-23 April.

About Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts has a similar origin story to Brit Stops. Inspired by France Passion’s business model, Harvest Hosts was founded in 2010 with the goal to bring similar experiences to caravanners in the States. Since Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, took over the company in 2018, Harvest Hosts has grown from 600 locations to over 4700.

"Thank you sooo much for making changes and greatly improving the boondocks welcome app!!!" - Boondockers Welcome Member

"I am very impressed with the Boondockers Welcome addition. It is much easier to plot out our stops when we can see them all on one map. Thank you again." - Boondockers Welcome Member

The Team Behind Harvest Hosts

With over 50 employees (including the one and only HaRVey, their beloved mascot), the Harvest Hosts team is full of motorhomers and people who are passionate about all things travel. And it shows in the platform they've built. No wonder they've received awards from Inc 5000 for being the fastest-growing company in the Travel & Hospitality category and #70 overall on their 2022 list of fastest-growing companies in the States. They were also featured in the a16z Marktetplace 100. Plus, they're a certified Great Place to Work, so you know they're doing something right. They now want to bring that same passion and technological acumen to Brit Stops, making it easier for BritStoppers to enjoy all the wonderful hosts in the UK and Ireland

Here are some photos of the Harvest Hosts team at events, trade shows, and just having fun.

Good Things Ahead

The Harvest Hosts team will work closely with founders Steve and Mandy for six months to ensure a smooth transition. They want to learn as much as they can about the scheme and make sure that their vision for Brit Stops remains intact for a long time to come. Tom, their son, has already begun to play an integral part in the business, helping to train the Harvest Hosts’ team on Brit Stops’ systems and the particularities of doing business in the UK. This is all part of their pledge to keep continuity in Brit Stops’ operations. Naturally, this includes passing on British culture to the Harvest Hosts team– teaching them to enjoy real football instead of American football and watching them be fascinated by words like “nattering” or “blokes.” 😀

Of course, maintaining Brit Stops' partnership with FEFI, the European stopover federation, is a top priority, which Harvest Hosts will maintain to keep the love of motorhoming alive and well across Europe. They have a lot to learn from fellow FEFI members in the mainland and look forward to promoting the group within the motorhome industry.

Best of all, Brit Stops hosts will not have to worry about being charged to be a part of the scheme, so they can keep enjoying all the delightful perks of hosting Britstoppers. Behind the scenes, however, Harvest Hosts will be working tirelessly to enhance the technology and expand the network of hosts available to Britstoppers.

And let's not forget the new features! Britstoppers have been clamouring for the ability to filter locations, save their favourite spots, and share their love of motorhoming with multiple users. Thanks to meticulous notes taken by Steve and Tom, these updates are already in the works. In the coming months and the coming year, the team plans to implement a variety of changes designed to make the Brit Stops experience even easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Give the new era of Brit Stops a go! An exciting adventure awaits…

About Brit Stops
Brit Stops is the ultimate network for motorhome enthusiasts. Featuring charming stopover locations like farm shops, pubs, aires, and other fantastic spots, it provides a unique and authentic way to explore the UK and Ireland through one-night stays. Join a community of dedicated explorers and immerse yourself in the true essence of these beautiful landscapes. Discover the heart of Britain and Ireland with Brit Stops.
Charles Wembley-profile-image
Charles Wembley
A Brit Stopper, historian, and travel writer. An Oxford alumnus, his passion for history and exploration are harmoniously combined in his writing for Brit Stops. Charlie's work is a mix of captivating historical narratives and modern travel experiences, covering everything from Britain's finest farm shops to the hidden vineyards of Wales. A master of maps and a delightful companion, Charlie promises his readers enchanting adventures without the drab history lectures.
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