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Introductions and the NEC

Charles Wembley-profile-image
Charles Wembley
March 18, 2018
Introductions and the NEC

Hi Britstoppers!

I’m Tom, Steve and Mandy’s oldest son.

Some of you might have met me at one of the motorhome shows I’ve worked over the past few years, most recently the February 2018 NEC. However, my involvement with Brit Stops hasn’t just been limited to shows, I’ve also been part of the proof reading, spelling and grammar team (along with my mum) and worked on the 2016 and 2017 books extensively.

## Joining Brit Stops Towers

So far my work with Brit Stops has only ever been temporary, but I’m now pleased to say that I’m taking up a permanent position in the company. I’ll be working on blog content, social media and general editorial work while still attending various shows throughout the year.

My aim for this blog is to discuss various topics that we’ve talked about but never had a platform to extensively write about (such as FEFI and what it’s like using Brit Stops from another country). I hope to support the already great community that Brit Stops has fostered and to provide an insight into the lifestyle and behind-the-scenes thinking that goes into every book.

## Motorhomes and Travel

Back before Brit Stops even existed I travelled from the North to the South of France in a motorhome with the Brit Stops family using France Passion and All the Aires France. Later I moved to Scotland for university and even more recently I went backpacking through South-East Asia. I’ve been fortunate enough to explore some amazing places which is one of the things I love about Brit Stops – it’s an excellent way to get off the beaten track and meet like-minded people!

This years NEC was very busy, but it was also a great opportunity to chat with Britstoppers and get to know everyone. Hopefully I’ll see you all at some shows soon, until then be sure to check out the new blog regularly and get involved with the conversation on social media.

I look forward to chatting with you all!


About Brit Stops
Brit Stops is the ultimate network for motorhome enthusiasts. Featuring charming stopover locations like farm shops, pubs, aires, and other fantastic spots, it provides a unique and authentic way to explore the UK and Ireland through one-night stays. Join a community of dedicated explorers and immerse yourself in the true essence of these beautiful landscapes. Discover the heart of Britain and Ireland with Brit Stops.
Charles Wembley-profile-image
Charles Wembley
A Brit Stopper, historian, and travel writer. An Oxford alumnus, his passion for history and exploration are harmoniously combined in his writing for Brit Stops. Charlie's work is a mix of captivating historical narratives and modern travel experiences, covering everything from Britain's finest farm shops to the hidden vineyards of Wales. A master of maps and a delightful companion, Charlie promises his readers enchanting adventures without the drab history lectures.