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Joe on The Road

Introducing another member of the Brit Stops family, my brother Joe! Living in his van full-time, Joe has always been on the road, so it was a natural fit to have him check out some Brit Stops on the way. Obviously with the next month of lock-down, he won’t be out and about, but we’ve got enough notes from the past month of his travels that we should be able to do some regular posts.

A Lovely Trip Around Wales

Joe found himself in Wales a little while ago and stayed at a few Brit Stops in between his other destinations. We’ll dive into some of the places he stayed and hopefully inspire some travel plans for December!


This Brit Stop sounds particularly lovely with a glass walled alfresco dining area and a beautiful view of the river too. Joe treated himself to the soup of the day which came with proper Welsh bread and butter, and he got to eat it in front of a rustic fireplace. They also do a full breakfast at 8am that’s actually really popular with fellow Britstoppers (which makes sense, a big breakfast is just what you need after a few pints the night before, and sets you up for the day’s journey ahead).


Pulling up to this traditional rural country pub, Joe said that the first thing he noticed was just how relaxed it felt. Serving some classic pub grub, he had an amazingly tasty fish and chips, and a local lager from Wrexham. Supposedly this was the only lager served on the Titanic, and was the first British beer taken to Australia! The area has lovely walks around it deep into the Welsh countryside, which is perfect for dog walkers. Joe also wanted emphasise how friendly the pub was and to directly mention Janet who served him; she’s been there for years and made him feel really welcome.


There’s not much to say about this one apart from that it was absolutely stunning! Joe got to have a pint while looking over a gorgeous river and the lush Welsh countryside. The car park is also nice and big so it was really easy to park up there.

Jealousy from the HQ

Of course, as I sit inside writing about all these lovely pubs that I haven’t been to, I get to consider whether or not I chose the wrong job. But until then, I’ll just keep working! I hope everyone is staying safe, and let’s all look forward to December when we can get back out there and enjoy a pub lunch by the fire.

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Charles Wembley
A Brit Stopper, historian, and travel writer. An Oxford alumnus, his passion for history and exploration are harmoniously combined in his writing for Brit Stops. Charlie's work is a mix of captivating historical narratives and modern travel experiences, covering everything from Britain's finest farm shops to the hidden vineyards of Wales. A master of maps and a delightful companion, Charlie promises his readers enchanting adventures without the drab history lectures.