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Are You the Perfect Pint Chaser? Join Brit Stops and Discover the Ultimate Pub Trail

Are You the Perfect Pint Chaser? Join Brit Stops and Discover the Ultimate Pub Trail image

Brit Stops Seeking Pint Chaser

Seeking: One Extraordinary Motorhomer with a Love for Pubs

Do you dream of traversing the British Isles in search of historic taverns whilst sipping on glorious ales? Look no further! Brit Stops, the unparalleled motorhome travel company that connects motorhome tourists to over 1,100 hidden gems across the UK and Ireland, is on a quest to find the ultimate Pint Chaser.

As our trusted road trip architect and pub connoisseur extraordinaire, you'll create an epic Pub Trail across the UK. This frothy adventure will have you visiting more than 750 delightful public houses with cosy fireplaces and stunning views whilst sampling their best brews as you pave your way through this journey.

Not only do we provide this unique opportunity for our fellow lager lovers to experience firsthand why Brit Stops is unmatched in alternative camping solutions, but we also celebrate small businesses throughout the UK. The chosen one (you!) will help boost tourism to these establishments as part of this innovative initiative.

Why Choose Brit Stops Over Other Camping Options?

Let's face it; traditional campsites are so last year! At Brit Stops, we elevate your motorhome travel experience by opening doors to farm shops, vineyards filled with vino delights or even castles where there could be whispers from history reaching out. By becoming part of our community:

  • You stay free-of-charge at incredible locations
  • Become one link in a chain that supports local businesses
  • Experience novelty stops found nowhere else! And now back to the matter at hand:

How to Become Brit Stops' Pint Chaser

Job Description

As the chosen one, you will:

Visit over 750 pub locations with our fully functioning motorhome or campervan

  1. Spend one night (no drinking and driving!) at each stopping point after sipping ales and dining on grub
  2. Garner knowledge about each location whilst leaving reviews, documenting your journey on social media, and designing the trail for future adventurers

Job Requirements

  • Must have valid UK driver’s licence and be able to drive a campervan/motorhome
  • Must display evidence of your passion for pubs (images and videos highly recommended!)
  • Must be over 18 years of age


FREE BEER! Brit Stops will cover a pint at each location and provide a daily stipend for the trip, as well as a fully decked out motorhome for the journey (or an additional stipend for those who already own one). And of course, you’ll get a lifetime Brit Stops membership.

To Apply:

Think you're the best person to head this brewtiful escapade across the UK? Look no further! Apply here, please include:

  • 2–3 photos displaying your love for road trips whilst sampling beer
  • A paragraph showcasing your abilities as a road trip architect extraordinaire!

Don't miss out on this unique chance to become part of an extraordinary community dedicated to travel adventures that make lasting memories.

Apply now—your ale-fuelled odyssey awaits!